What Kind of Accommodations Can I Request?

 The accommodations you request depend on your specific needs and what your school is able to provide. The following list can give you ideas for what types of accommodations you can ask for: 

    • Getting priority registration
    • Reducing course load
    • Substituting one course for another
    • Allowing note takers and recording devices
    • Being able to work from home
    • Getting extended time for testing and/or deadlines for assignments
    • Receiving tutoring or study skills training
    • Being able to take exams in an individual room
    • Being able to change rooms or roommates
How to Ask for Accommodations

To receive accommodations, you will need to :

    • Identify what types of accommodations you’ll need. (FYI, if you currently receive special education services, your high school’s IDEA-mandated transition planning will help you put together a list of needs). 
    • Register with the disability resource office. Often, the disability office can offer a selection of accommodations for you to choose from. 
    • Provide documentation. The disability resource center will ask you to document that you have depression. From your provider, you’ll likely need: 
      • Documentation showing your diagnosis
      • Types of accommodations that have worked for you in the past/ that you anticipate needing in college
      • How your depression can impact your success in college


After you request specific accommodations, the school may approve the request or offer an alternative accommodation if it makes more sense. Work together with your school to get the support you need. If an accommodation isn’t working for you, contact the disability office ASAP to try to find a better support.