Meeting you where you are.

The unwashed dishes, the greasy hair, the laundry piled up high – we’ve been there. That’s why we created Cereal for Dinner, a collection of practical, realistic resources for living with clinical depression, created by people living with depression, for people living with depression.

Because there's no playbook for depression™

Ever been told to exercise to boost your mood, even though taking a shower feels like a major workout? How about getting advice to socialize even though it’s hard to answer a text?

Cereal for Dinner resources were created to meet you where you’re at right now, not where you “should” be. They were designed to support you with 1. coping with depression day-to-day and 2. taking attainable steps toward wellness, when you’re ready. Wherever you are in your journey, you are not alone in dealing with this disease. We are in this together.

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Featured Resources


…that you can do at your own pace, even from your bed!


…for meals you can make with very little effort.

Coping Skills

…based on your “emotional temperature:” (0= great, 10= help!)

Resources Catered to Your Needs

  • “Depression Format:”
    • Information is in bulleted form without long paragraphs, to aid folks having difficulty concentrating.
  • Stepwise Approach
    • Recommendations are graded, based on “where you’re at” right now emotionally, functionally, socially, etc. Choose from options based on how you’re doing at this point in time.
  • Text-to-Speech
    • Is reading long text a lot right now? Select the words you want to read and press the play button!

Did you know...

Text on this page can be read to you!

Let’s face it – depression can make reading really difficult. That’s why we’ve tried to make this website as accessible as possible – no long paragraphs, and text-to-speech capabilities. Simply highlight the text you want to read and press the play button.*

*if you are using text-to-speech on a mobile phone, make sure the sound is on