Use Discount Programs
  • Many states offer prescription assistance programs. Contact a NAMI affiliate to see what your state offers.
  • NeedyMeds is a nonprofit that helps people get access to lower cost drugs. They can help you find lower cost drugs from pharmaceutical companies, and they have a drug discount card.
  • MedicineAssistanceTool is a search engine designed to help patients and their care team to find resources available through the various biopharmaceutical industry programs.
  • RxAssist can help you learn about ways to use pharmaceutical company programs and other resources to help reduce your medication costs.
  • PatientAssistance can help you find coupons for specific drugs, and also find patient assistance programs offered by drug companies.
  • GoodRx and Blink Health are fantastic resources that offer significant discounts on meds. They can also help you to compare prices at different pharmacies to help you find the cheapest option.
Consider Delivery Pharmacies

Pharmacies that do not have brick-and-mortar locations may have lower cost medications. Some pharmacies include: 

The Cost Plus Drug Company, Capsule Pharmacy, and Amazon Pharmacy.

Compare Pharmacies
  • All pharmacies do not charge the same price for a medication. Call different pharmacies in your area or use GoodRx or Blink Health to compare prices.
  • There are many delivery-based pharmacies, such as the Marc Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company and Capsule that are able to negotiate with drug companies to get much lower medication costs.
Ask Your Doctor for Coupons
  • If you’re receiving your medication for the first time, your doctor might have coupons, or can help you apply to the medication supplier to help you receive a discount (if you meet income requirements). You can also receive coupons through some of the discount services above.
Sign Up for Insurance
  • Private insurance, and public aid programs such as Medicaid and Medicare, can greatly offset the cost of paying for medication.
    • Click here to see if you qualify for Medicaid. 
    • Click here to see if you qualify for Medicare.
    • Click here for more information about the Health Insurance Marketplaces and here to learn about the steps to take for getting insurance through the marketplace.
    • Click here for a glossary of terms that breaks down some of the terms related to insurance, medication discount programs, etc. so they’re easier to understand.