Sometimes, getting out of the house and talking to people is too much to handle. The following suggestions can be done from your home & minimize voice conversation, but still provide you with some form of socialization.

TV Can Count, If That's Where You're At.
  • If you’re not socializing at all, try doing something (even if it’s small) to expose yourself to another person- this can be through a text message or short phone call with someone, or can even be through watching a TV show or YouTube video with people in it.
Just Be With Someone Else
  • Sometimes having full conversations with others can be overwhelming. Call someone you trust, (or go where they are if they’re physically near you), and say, “I’m not feeling too well and I don’t want to be alone. Could we just be together right now and not talk? It’s just nice to have a friend.”
Get Online Support

Feeling like you’re not alone in your experience is incredibly powerful.

    • Don’t feel like talking with other people? Try talking with an Artificial Intelligence supportive chatbot, such as Wysa or Woebot.
    • Have online conversations with other people going through similar experiences. Try out:
  • Just watched an interesting TV show or YouTube video or read a great online article? Go to the comments section on the article/video host page or social media page & respond to others’ comments. 
  • Have a particular interest or hobby? Find an interest-based online forum (by searching “[hobby/interest name] online forum” in Google, Reddit or Facebook) and engage with the discussions. (Examples of forums here, here and here.)
Hashtags Are Helpful
  • Social media can be a place to have meaningful conversations with others, if you know where to look. Hashtags can be a great way to filter results so they’re more relevant. For example, as a start, try the following hashtags on Twitter to introduce you to various mental health communities: (stands for Suicide Prevention Social Media),