Say "Yes"

While it may be difficult for you to initiative making plans, try to resist the temptation to say no to invitations from others to spend time with them, even if you really don’t want to go. Oftentimes, you may notice that if you are able to spend time with people you care about, your mood will also improve. 

Reconnect with Old Friends

Reconnecting with old friends usually isn’t as scary as meeting a new group of people. Check out social media for ideas and then send people some texts to check in and perhaps make plans to meet.

Join a Meetup Group

Meetup is a website created for people to connect with others and find in-person events for people with similar interests. Find meetups for activities such as reading books, watching movies, playing sports, making crafts or create your own group if your interest isn’t represented. 

Take Adult Classes

Participating in an adult class or workshop can be a great way to meet others while learning something new. Want to make some new culinary creations? Take a cooking class and chat with the people at your table, Search for available classes online, from crafting to dancing to woodworking classes, or check out local community colleges.


Volunteering is a great way to meet people, and help others at the same time. To find opportunities, you can:

  • Simply Google “volunteer” and your desired area, or include a specific organization you’d like to volunteer for in your search etc.
  • Use volunteer opportunity search engines, such as VolunteerMatch, or CatchAFire.
Use the "Building Positivity" Page

The Building Positivity page has a number of activities you can do with others. Just click on the “social” filter, along with other filters that may be of interest, and see what activities you could do with a friend/family member.

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