Find Out What Mental Health Services Are Offered at Your School

Research what mental health services (if any) are available to students. For those that offer services, some important questions to ask the counseling center include: 

  • How many individual sessions are available per student and at what cost?
  • How long is the typical wait for an individual session?
  • Are there emergency or walk-in hours?
  • Is there a psychiatrist on campus that students have access to? If not, do they make referrals to psychiatrists in the community?
  • What (if any) group therapies are offered?


Figure Out The Five W's

Make a plan that consists of the 5 W’s: Who, What, When, Where, & Why

  • Who: decide if you’ll continue to work with your current providers (and how- in-person, via telehealth, etc.) or if you’ll need to find new providers. Talk to your school, insurance provider, or go to the Care Access page for help finding a mental health provider. 
  • What:  Think about what you will you do to help maintain your wellness. Therapy & medication? Mood-tracking apps? Group therapy? Support groups? Specific coping skills?
  • When: Figure out how often you will meet with members of your mental health team
  • Where: Determine how you will travel to appointments – especially if the appointment is located far from where you live. Also, if you take medication, find the nearest pharmacy where you can pick up your meds. 
  • Why: Remind yourself why it’s important to maintain your health and wellness, especially in college when it is easy to let your wellness fall by the wayside.