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A Note From Our Founder

While I am not personally “up” on the latest among the venerated Catholic friar community, I do believe in the wisdom of this quote. It brings me back to my medicine days: first, you stabilize the fracture, and then the patient does therapy exercises to build back strength, starting off small, and slowly building up strength, and suddenly, they’re doing what was once thought impossible: walking unassisted. At Cereal for Dinner, we essentially do what the quote suggests: we provide resources for people with depression to do what’s necessary (basic hygiene, eating, bathing), promote what’s possible by taking small, attainable lifestyle changes (starting to exercise, socialize etc.) and suddenly, they’re doing what they thought was impossible (finding a sense of health, fulfillment, and envisioning a future with them squarely in it.) As we say at CFD, we are in this together, and you are not alone. Thank you for being on this journey with me.

Getting Help When You Need It

By Author, Sandy Oxx & Founder, Emily Derecktor
  • Understand that your culture, gender identity, profession, income level, and race/ethnicity may shape your willingness to seek help, and that’s okay.
  • Looking for a therapist is overwhelming especially if you don’t know where to look or lack financial means. Try taking a look at our Care page for options if you aren’t insured/can’t afford treatment
  • Mental health stigma is real in many communities and can affect willingness to go to therapy. Remember that depression is a serious health issue, and you deserve to get help for your health.
  • Start with your primary care doctor and see what they recommend for treatment. If you don’t have one, visit the Care page for a directory of mental health providers.
  • If you are experiencing thoughts of harming yourself or others, or other symptoms outlined on the Crisis Page, contact 911, the National Suicide Hotline (800-273-8255) or go to your nearest ER

Board Member Spotlight:

Claire Pierre, M.D.

Claire-Cecile Pierre, MD, (she/her) is the Associate Chief Medical Officer (ACMO) and Vice President of Community Health and Health Equity at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Trained in Medicine and Board certified in Clinical Informatics, Pierre is an expert in the use of technology to improve the quality of care in community health centers.

On top of her many accolades, Claire is a tremendously giving, resilient and kind person. She has extensive experience in healthcare startups, and is an asset to the CFD team.

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How Caregivers Can Support a Loved One with Mental Illness

By Board Member & Author, Sandy Glover, MS, CPS

  • Caregivers can help by giving praise for seemingly simple tasks that may not be so simple for someone with mental illness, such as taking a shower or brushing teeth.
  • It’s extremely valuable for caregivers to know that loved ones with mental illness are not making it up. Increased sleep and lower productivity may be perceived as laziness, for instance, but these are signs of depression.
  • Caregiving can be draining, so it’s important that caregivers do something everyday just for themselves.
  • Observing what you say is so important. This can be as blatant as “you’re lazy” but it can also be more subtle, such as “everyone feels this sad sometimes” or “at least you’re even able to get help.”

Resource Highlight – Social

How to Socially Connect When It’s Difficult to Leave the House

  • Just be with someone else – no talking is needed with people you trust. No one physically there? FaceTime or Zoom with them.
  • Watch an interesting show or YouTube video? Go to the comments section on the social media/video host page & respond to others’ comments. 
  • Feel like talking with someone who feels the same way? Here’s a list of forum-based websites: TheMightyADAA Online Support ForumMHA – InspireDepressionTribe.
  • Have a particular interest or hobby? Find an interest-based online forum (by searching “[hobby/interest name] online forum” in Google, Reddit, Discord, or Facebook) and engage with the discussions. (Examples of forums here, here and here.)

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