Lower Capacity

  • How Do I Make More Friends?
    • Just be with someone else
      • Sometimes having full conversations with others can be overwhelming. Call someone you trust, (or go where they are if they’re physically near you), and say, “I’m not feeling too well and I don’t want to be alone. Could we just be together right now and not talk? It’s just nice to have a friend.”
    • Use technology to find connection
      • Forum-based support websites/apps, for example:
      • Online/app-based support live chats: for example:
      • Anonymous apps, where you answer a question, and see the answers of others, helping you to feel less alone, such as:
      • Have a particular interest or hobby? Find an interest-based online forum (by searching “[hobby/interest name] online forum” in Google, Reddit or Facebook) and engage with the discussions. (Examples of forums here, here and here)
  • How Do I feel closer to others?
    • Share something a little more vulnerable with the other person than you normally would. This is information that goes beyond general information (such as where you’re from, what you do in your free time, etc.) and into territory that is a little more intimate knowledge (such as why you like/dislike something, what is important to you, or showing times when you made a mistake or did something embarrassing)

Higher Capacity

  • How Do I Make More Friends?
    • Go to a Coffee Shop and Sit Down for a Little While
      • Coffee shops can be a great starting place for when you aren’t feeling up for talking to many people, but you also don’t want to feel alone. Plus, the promise of coffee and/or a sweet treat can be a great motivator to get out of the house. Make it a goal to have a short interaction with at least one person, even if that means saying hello and asking how their day is going.
    • Go to a park
      • Along the lines of the coffee shop, spending time in a park can be a great way to spend time with people, without necessarily having to talk extensively with them. Have a dog? Go to a dog park and strike up a short conversation about another person’s pet. Easy conversation start + you’ll have your furry friend there for moral support.
  • How Do I feel Closer to Others?
    • Initiate a deliberate time to spend time with the other person/people
    • Spend time with the person/people outside of your typical places (such as work or the gym) and do something new with them.
    • Test out showing a different kind of emotion with the other person that you might not normally show around others (such as anger, excitement, sadness, etc.)